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EMC Policy

Quality Policy

Outstanding design capacity. 
Reliable quality strength.
Effective tech-service. 
Creating a comprehensive client satisfaction.

HSF Policy

Complying with international norms and regulation.
Committed to developing and manufacturing products in a green way. 
Under the request of green purchasing, continuously maintain hazardous substance free that in aim to sustainable development of a green enterprises.

Environmental Policy

  1. Comply with government environmental regulations in a conscious way to make efforts to improve.
  2. Reducing the resource wastes.
  3. Establishing management system in meeting environmental goals.
  4. Relentless improve and maintain a friendly environment.
  5. Eliminating all possibilities of producing wastes and contaminants caused by suppliers.
  6. Continuously improve employee's responsibilities and knowledge on environmental management system.
  7. Communicating to employees and relevant stakeholders our commitment to a robust environmental issue.

Conflict Minerals Free Purchasing Policy

For the endeavor to CSR and the protection of human rights, Excelliance MOS High Tech Enterprise hereon declares that we will not purchase nor support to use conflict minerals that come from the rebel groups of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its adjoining countries. We do not use forced labor, or child labor in any circumstance in gaining the minerals including Au, W, Sn, Ta, Co etc.
Partnering with our suppliers to help ensure workers making our products are meeting the principal of responsible minerals sourcing and we may take on-site audit to evaluate the suppliers based on its risk profile. 
We ensure our products not to use the mining, sale and use of minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas that have been associated with negative environmental impacts.

IECQ QC080000 Certificate
ISO9001:2015 Certificate
ISO14001:2015 Certificate

  • IECQ QC080000 Certificate
  • ISO14001:2015 Certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
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