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New employee orientation

New employees shall understand the company’s policies and systems on the first day of employment, and take another half-day course in the company’s common language (core value, accountability, and PDCA) within one to two months after onboarding to further understand corporate culture.

On-job training

  • Technical engineering training

Provide external professional and technical training according to the professional and technical needs of each department.

  • External training

In addition to the training course required by the law and regulation, EMC provides continuing education courses specifically for the company’s major business development.

Management functional training

Provide training courses on project management, effective interpersonal interaction and consensus drills, problem analysis and solving skills, and how to implement work and life courses to improve employee management and problem-solving skills.


Employee evaluation system

One-to-one performance appraisal interviews are conducted between supervisors and employees, allowing supervisors and employees to honestly face each other's strengths and weaknesses, so that outstanding employees can continue to grow, and those who are lagging behind can be encouraged and assisted to adjust their direction and grow positively through performance improvement counselling.
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